Merrill Cook

Journalist, Multimedia Feature Researcher

New Orleans, LA

Merrill Cook

I'm a full time infographic researcher and a part-time wordsmith around the web. My areas of interest include educational policy, anti-interventionism, the developing world, and Millennial news.


The 50 Best College Towns In America

There are a lot of things that have to click to make a truly great college town. Whether it’s feeling the palpable vibe of an alma mater, having tons to do, or the fact that your college town is a great place to stay after you’ve graduated, we’ve worked to provide you with a quality list of the best college towns in the nation.

Homeschooled: how American homeschoolers measure up

Once upon a time, all children were homeschooled. But around 150 years ago states started making public school mandatory and homeschooling eventually became illegal. It wasn't until the 90's that all states made it legal again. Today, with more than 2 million homeschoolers making up 4% of the school-aged population, it's the fastest growing form of education in the country. Link to Story

Why It’s Harder Than Ever To Teach In Public Schools

Teachers are overworked, underpaid, and under-appreciated. They’re also on the front lines for many public problems. Needless to say, they’re important. So what are the contributing factors to the massive problems teachers face, and their increasingly rough work conditions? The last 12 years have been one of the greatest upheavals in modern American education, and greatly contribute to how hard the job of a teacher is today.

Living With Less: America's Quest for Simplicity

The editors at Masters In Human Resources Degree Guide decided to research the topic of: - step one: We spend years working to pay the mortgage, buy nicer cars, more gadgets, trendier clothes. Leaving us with piles and piles of stuff. - Step two: Cleaning out, moving, or just tring to free up some space.

10 Photos Of Obama Looking Sad After a Horrible 2013

After these controversies, President Obama definitely won't be sorry to see 2013 go.
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U.S. Income Inequality in One Crazy Chart

Yet another mind-boggling graphic highlighting just how unequal income-earners in the U.S. are.
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Which agencies were hit hardest by shutdown furloughs?

A new graphic shows which employees were affected least and most.
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Un-hired Ed: the growing adjunct crisis

A look at the growing adjunct employment crisis in American higher education.

Harvard Professor Proves You Can Buy Your Way Into Science

A hoax paper submitted to hundreds of academic journals got accepted ... for a fee.
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This Awesome Interactive Map Will Make You Think Twice About Africa

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This graph is worth as many as you can take out of it.
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Interventionism as Investment

America is on the verge of entering into the least popular intervention in our history. According to the administration’s case, it is now a matter of international “credibility.”. It also doesn’t hurt, as Kerry noted that “if the U.S. is prepared to do the whole thing. The way we’ve done it previously in other places” that other Middle Eastern nations are willing to bear the brunt of the cost. Link to Story

Barclay’s is About to Cut Off Millions of Somalis for Banking Policy

How we radicalized Mogadishu and then cut off 3.8 million people from access to banks.
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Merrill Cook

My work, or work I've researched for has been featured on Buzzfeed, i09, the Washington Post, PolicyMic, Businesspundit, the LSE's website, and Think Africa Press.

Currently: Content creation guru and journalist.

Previously: Grant writing, researcher for the Louisiana Supreme Court, editor of a philosophy Journal.

Greatest Interests:The developing world, skewering the duopoly, education, and fighting the war engine.

Though I enjoy researching and writing on almost any topic.



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