Merrill Cook

Journalist, Multimedia Feature Researcher

New Orleans, LA

Merrill Cook

Editor, data journalist, content strategist. I enjoy creating things: beautiful, informative, or both. Below are data vis projects in particular.


5 Years In: 10 Things We’ve Learned About Deepwater Horizon

Close to five years and one week ago the Deepwater Horizon oil rig collapsed into the Gulf of Mexico, leading to a total of 87 days of oil slick expansion. At the time, 11 offshore workers were killed, 17 injured, and an oil slick covering 16,000 square miles began to form. As the clean-up effort commenced it became clear that the spill was the worst anthropogenic disaster in American history. Link to Story

10 Businesses That Failed to Adapt

It’s said that management involves dealing with complexity, and leadership involves helping others deal with change. Particularly in today’s 24-hour and global markets, in which your customers and your competitors can come from anywhere, the maxim’s truer than ever. Change or die, and to do this you’re going to need some good direction. Link to Story

History of Philosophy

A giant flow chart showing schools of western thought through the ages.

MOOCs in 2015, a Comprehensive Guide

There are over 120 MOOC providers worldwide, from businesses or bloggers providing single classes, to multi-university networks serving up thousands of courses. Because you probably already have an idea of what you’re looking for in a MOOC, we’ve broken this vast array of programs down into smaller categories.

This Awesome Interactive Map Will Make You Think Twice About Africa

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This graph is worth as many as you can take out of it.
Policymic Link to Story

Living With Less: America's Quest for Simplicity

The editors at Masters In Human Resources Degree Guide decided to research the topic of: - step one: We spend years working to pay the mortgage, buy nicer cars, more gadgets, trendier clothes. Leaving us with piles and piles of stuff. - Step two: Cleaning out, moving, or just tring to free up some space.

Which agencies were hit hardest by shutdown furloughs?

A new graphic shows which employees were affected least and most.
The Washington Post Link to Story

Un-hired Ed: the growing adjunct crisis

A look at the growing adjunct employment crisis in American higher education.

Barclay’s is About to Cut Off Millions of Somalis for Banking Policy

How we radicalized Mogadishu and then cut off 3.8 million people from access to banks.
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The 50 Best College Towns In America

There are a lot of things that have to click to make a truly great college town. Whether it’s feeling the palpable vibe of an alma mater, having tons to do, or the fact that your college town is a great place to stay after you’ve graduated, we’ve worked to provide you with a quality list of the best college towns in the nation.


Merrill Cook

My work, or work I've researched for has been featured on Buzzfeed, i09, the Washington Post, PolicyMic, Businesspundit, the LSE's website, and Think Africa Press.

Currently: Content creation guru and journalist.

Previously: Grant writing, researcher for the Louisiana Supreme Court, editor of a philosophy Journal.

Greatest Interests:The developing world, skewering the duopoly, education, and fighting the war engine.

Though I enjoy researching and writing on almost any topic.



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